Useful Swift and Xcode learning resources

A few months ago I completely fried my brain writing an app in Swift. Prior to beginning to write it I had used Xcode once. Amazingly, I came up with a 90% working app. Basically my app works aside from a few irritating bugs I was not ready to tackle.

Finding online resources to help me was insanely hard for Swift. Mostly because there are a LOT of outdated guides out there. For the record, we are on Swift 4, but most tutorials I found were for version 2 or below. It is my understanding that most big changes came in version 3. So avoid anything in Swift 2 or prior.

I’m finally re-visiting a few code projects from earlier this year to fix issues I came across. But anyway, I wanted to highlight a few learning resources I found which really helped the development of my app, Treckio:

Learning Swift and Xcode

The following are a bunch of Swift and Xcode tutorials and example exercises I found really useful in comparison to the tonnes of now irrelevant stuff that is out there:

  • Firstly, any beginner should really give Swift Playgrounds a try. It’s a pretty kiddy game but it teaches you the basics, up to some pretty intermediate sample functions as part of a little fun platform game. It’s not going to teach you how to create the best app ever, but it’s the best starting point I found.
  • is my choice website for online courses. It’s a paid subscription, but I learned a lot from ‘Learning Swift 3 for Developers‘, ‘Xcode 8 Essential Training‘, and, possibly most importantly ‘iOS Game Development with Swift 3 and SpriteKit
  • Apple’s own ‘Jump right in‘ Swift tutorial is a brilliant beginner example. It takes you through creating a simple food tracking app. It guides you through how to use the Xcode interface and handle different asset types.
  • Of course, nothing works quite as well as just getting stuck in. When I fell into issues I couldn’t solve with Google’s help, I searched ‘StackOverflow‘ and asked my own questions as well. 

Sample Xcode Projects

Learning by editing existing scripts works well for me, the following are some sample apps I found really handy:

  • Fruit Eater‘ by Awesome Tuts is $5 to buy, but even though it’s a paid for tutorial the assets come with a step-by-step guide on how to build the app from scratch. I found this really handy.
  • FlappySwift’ is another useful download – most people will be familiar with how Flappy Bird and it’s hundreds of other similar games work, it’s a good example of a really simple game.

There’s a couple of useful resources I’m struggling to find right now, but I’ll update this post as and when I find them and any more that help me fix my current issues.